HERXHEIMER DIE-OFF, HERXHEIM REACTION (aka: Jarisch-Herxheimer Die off)

Vicki Yawn / JANUARY 16, 2012

A Herxheimer die-off is a condition in which a person, usually constipated, has symptoms as a result of their body being unable to evacuate toxins quickly enough through normal means.

Drs. Adolph Jarisch and Karl Herxheimer referred to flu-like symptoms (nausea, headaches, pain, sweating, chills, fever), itching, rash outbreaks, shortness of breath, etc., especially when beginning a detoxification program or when using high amounts of antibiotics, as a die-off of bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses, chemical, metal or other environmental toxins. This “reaction” typically lasts from 1 – 14 days.

According to Dr. Karl Herxheimer, this “die-off” (aka: Herxheimer Reaction) is a healing crisis caused by the dying organisms releasing endo-toxins into a body that is trying to rid itself of poisons. This is particularly prevalent when a person is constipated and especially if they have a history of antibiotic and/or steroid use.

A “healing crisis” can be caused by destruction of toxic organisms in the body through the use of natural anti-fungals, anti-bacterials, anti-virals, anti-parasitics and enzyme formulations (such as PSOEs like FIGTreeVitamins.com ULTRA PROTEO-ZIMES  Enteric Proteolytic Systemic Oral Enzymes Tablets (3-5 upon rising and 3-5 tablets at bedtime EMPTY STOMACH) or more as recommended by your healthcare practitioner (see FIGTreeVitamins.com Cleansing Packages below).

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When the body is unable to detoxify itself normally, through the bowel, it has only one other way to rid itself of toxins…through the skin. When a cell dies during a healing crisis, the toxins from that cell that are being expelled can cause rashes on the surface of the skin. If constipated, enzymes, fiber, seeds and oils aid with regularity.

Remedies that are helpful include FIGTreeVitamins.com VITAMIN C 1000mg Buffered Tablets (1-3 daily with food), digestive enzymes, such as FIGTreeVitamins.com DIGESTIVE ENZYMES  Ultra Veggie (1-2 with each meal or snack) for high-potency digestion of food, lemon water (clean, filtered water with fresh lemon squeezed into it; may also zest lemons or limes), nettles, echinacea, charcoal capsules, FIGTreeVitamins.com  SYSTEMIC CLEANSING Package OR for a more thorough cleanse AND rebuild, consider FIGTreeVitamins’ SYSTEMIC CLEANSING PACKAGE DELUXE,

Drink plenty of water and consider FIGTreeVitamins.com HERBAL BOWEL CLEANSE 2-part system (2 capsules from the a.m. bottle upon rising and 2 capsules from the PM bottle at bedtime, empty stomach), massage, hot baths with epsom salts and aloe vera to detoxify your gut. If you have acid reflux, constant indigestion, burping, gas, etc., please consider FIGTreeVitamins’ DIGESTION PACKAGE, and it is essential to correct your diet; one of many types of diets may be found in our Reference Center here at FIGTreeLive.com under FOOD CHOICES…(and then there are several diet regimens to consider), such as our RAW CLEANSE Diet for 2-4 weeks, followed by our ANTIFUNGAL FOOD CHOICES LIST diet.

If your immune system is impaired, and if your Herxheimer die-off is severe, you might either back off on supplement doses by half or, better yet, go on a 3 day fasting cleanse with water and freshly squeezed lemon juice (nothing else) and enhance immune system function using FIGTreeVitamins.com IMMUNE SYSTEM CLEANSE & BALANCE Package.


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