By Vicki Yawn, July 23, 2011



I created the Anti-Parasitic / Anti-Fungal Rotation Regimen over a decade ago to help those with known or suspected parasitic infestation because, we observed long ago (and this was corroborated by Dr. Hanna Kroeger and many naturopaths through writings and practice) that those with parasitic overgrowth nearly always also have fungal overgrowth, so rotating therapeutic amounts of natural anti-parasitics and anti-fungals at specific times of each month simply made sense! HOWEVER, it became much too complicated for most people to follow, particularly if they were on travel for work or play. Therefore, we worked with the folks at to create a package that would be easy to use and would address both parasites AND fungal overgrowth, regardless of what time of month a person begins the Parasite Cleanse.

For those with parasites, or who think they MAY have parasites but do not wish to bear the expense of testing to confirm (cost can range from $150 – $350 including interpretation), this regimen is generally considered safe, unless there are medications taken that would preclude following this regimen. IF YOU DECIDE TO GET TESTED, you MUST collect stool specimens ONLY during the full moon, or the results are likely to be negative! Read more here:

Also see’s articles PARASITES IN A NUTSHELL  (be sure to link onto additional article links at the bottom of the article, such as the ANTI-PARASITE ROTATION REGIMEN, using PARASITE PACKAGE with their SYSTEMIC CLEANSING PACKAGE DELUXE. This combination naturally kills parasites and binds to/expels them from the body, leaving behind no residues in organs, joints, tissues. The combination of Parasite Package and Systemic Cleansing Package Deluxe is likely to cause a loose stool, which should be temporary (it is called a HERXHEIMER Die-Off), so start out at lower amounts with the Systemic Cleansing Package OR use the Systemic Cleansing Package Deluxe AFTER completing the THREE MONTH Anti-parasite Rotation Regimen. If, during the 3-month Anti-Parasite cleanse, you experience constipation, you may use the products in the Systemic Cleansing Package Deluxe to get your bowels moving – it is important to get all of those toxins OUT of your body!

Hanna Kroeger said that all who have a parasitic infection, also have fungal overgrowth, even if fungus is not obvious through testing. For this reason, the products in the Parasite Package at are among the most potent anti-parasitic AND anti-fungal herbal remedies, so please do not veer from the PARASITE PACKAGE to address parasitic infestation. Be sure to post in the Live Chat Forum if taking any pharmaceutical drugs, therapies, past surgeries or other health history that may prevent the use of anti-parasitics for some and, of course, always consult with your physician before undertaking any change in regimen. You may also email us to discuss your preferences.


First, please change your diet to the extent that you are able. We suggest following our ANTI-FUNGAL FOOD CHOICES List/Diet but if it is a hot summer time of year, you might even consider our RAW CLEANSE diet for 2-4 weeks, as this will also help to cleanse your bowels of any build-up of toxic organisms. You may even want to use Hanna Kroeger’s LIVER/GALLBLADDER FASTING CLEANSE  for 3 days before beginning the diet. While the anti-parasitics/anti-fungals are effective even if your diet is not perfect, it works best when you adhere to a proper diet that nourishes YOU and NOT THE PARASITES!

You may start the rotation at any point, but preferably on/about the dates posted below. We also encourage purchasing supportive supplements to be used with the Anti-Parasitic/Anti-fungal supplements in the PARASITE PACKAGE at too; use of the Parasite Package is outlined below. In addition, we recommending using SYSTEMIC CLEANSING PACKAGE DELUXE, which aids in binding to and expelling parasitic toxins from the body.

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Again, NOT EVERYONE can use all of these supplements; if you take prescription medications for any reason, certain drugs may inhibit your ability to follow this regimen! Be sure to call the show OR email us ( OR post your questions and concerns, along with a list of medications you take for any reason, into the Live Chat Forum, and our professionals will share thoughts.

Following the ANTI-FUNGAL FOOD CHOICES  list is very important for resolving any overgrowth as quickly as possible. The more foods and beverages consumed that are NOT on the list, the longer it may take to resolve parasitic, fungal, viral and/or bacterial overgrowth.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUT TOGETHER A COMPLETE REGIMEN FOR YOU, PLEASE CALL THE SHOW WHEN LIVE (844-855-2006). We are here to serve you! Meanwhile, here is a general recommendation to resolve parasites.



FOR BEST RESULTS, BEGIN USING THESE PRODUCTS  ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE FULL MOON AND CONTINUE FOR THREE MONTHS. IN 2017, THESE ARE: April 11, May 10, June 9, July 9, August 7, September 6, October 5, November 4 and December 3.


  • UPON RISING (empty stomach): 3 Artemisia capsules WITH 1-2 Ultra Cleanse AM Formula
  • AT BEDTIME: 3 Artemisia capsules WITH 1-2 Ultra Cleanse PM Formula AND 1 Probiotic Enteric-coat.


  • UPON RISING (empty stomach): 3 Oregamax capsules WITH 1-2 Ultra Cleanse AM Formula
  • AT BEDTIME: 3 Oregamax capsules WITH 1-2 Ultra Cleanse PM Formula AND 1 Probiotic Enteric-coat.


  • UPON RISING: 2 Wormwood Combination capsules & 4 Rascal capsules WITH 1-2 Ultra Cleansing System AM Formula 
  • MIDDAY (about 2-3PM): 2 Wormwood Combination capsules & 4 Rascal capsules
  • AT BEDTIME: 2 Wormwood Combination capsules & 4 Rascal capsules WITH 1-2 Ultra Cleansing System PM Formula ​AND 1 Probiotic Enteric-coat


If additional time is needed, please use another FigtreeVitamins’ PARASITE PACKAGE and follow exactly as outlined above. Remember that diet is equally important to success!

NOTE: Some people may need to repeat this Anti-Parasitic/Anti-Fungal Rotation Regimen for more than 3 months. Factors that cause parasitic infestation include:

  • Walking barefoot or in sandals through the grass, in rivers, lakes and streams
  • Eating raw meat or fish, such as steak tartare or sashimi
  • Close exposure to pets that have parasites
  • Close exposure to people who have parasites
  • Foreign travel, particularly to tropical and sub-tropical locales
  • Unclean produce, particularly produce imported from tropical and sub-tropical areas

It is essential to rotate anti-parasitic remedies monthly and equally important to use the products recommended in the amounts recommended for best results. It is also important to discontinue foods and beverages that “feed” parasites. We recommend following our ANTIFUNGAL FOOD CHOICES LIST and drinking plenty of water to help flush toxins from the body.


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