Protect your body from fruits and vegetables that are most susceptible to toxic contamination from pesticides and herbicides by purchasing the following ONLY certified organic. Be sure to clean properly, by soaking in a sink or other large container of cold water mixed with about 1/4 cup sea salt (kills parasites and most bacteria) and about 1/4 cup RACV (raw apple cider vinegar – removes pesticide, herbicide and other residues from the surface of produce) – soak about 15-20 minutes, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Even organic produce should be thoroughly soaked and rinsed of any topical residues.


On skin but also permeates into the flesh of the fruit


Sprayed with between 20 – 30 different pesticides and herbicides


Draws nutrients (and toxins) from watered soil into all of the ribs of celery, as well as on the surface


Due to their thin, fibrous skin, peaches, and also nectarines, absorb dozens of different pesticides and herbicides into the fruit.


Sprayed with more pesticides and herbicides than any other fruit, many known to cause cancer.


Sprayed with 50 different pesticides and herbicides, over a dozen that are known to cause cancer and neurological damages


Vineyards are heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, including Monsanto’s glyphosate (Round-Up)


Sprayed with more pesticides that other leafy greens


Attract insects more than most fruits and are sprayed with up to 30 different pesticides and herbicides









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