by Vicki Y.

There is nothing truly scientific about this free “test” but it has been used for decades as one of many markers in determining whether or not a person has Candida or other yeast issue.

Put water into a glass (glass, not plastic), cover glass with Kleenex or wax paper. Set glass aside but within easy reach for morning use.

In the morning, immediately upon waking, clear palate and work up some saliva (do not brush teeth, drink water or do anything that will alter the natural state of the mouth). Spit into the glass.

If the saliva clumps and floats or drops to the bottom of the glass, or grows “tentacles” with rice-looking seeds at the ends of the tentacles, or does anything other than dissipate completely into the water, you may have Candida Albicans.

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A sure-fire way to determine whether or not you have Candida, bacterial overgrowth, dividing yeast or fungus, parasites, etc. is to use the proper testing kit:

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Candida may be fought a variety of ways. If the spit test was positive for Candida, please consider following our

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