From time to time, Dr. Lorna talks about her bread recipe that is perfect for those trying to follow a Gluten-free, Low-FODMaps or Low Histamine Diet and many people ask for it often, so I am posting it here, in the NEWS section.

Dr. Lorna’s Gluten-free flour: grinds her own flour in an electric WONDERMILL  

The following is the dry ingredients portion of whatever recipe you use (you would add your wet ingredients, such as eggs, water, milk, etc., as normal with whatever recipe you like)

16 oz millet

16 oz jasmine brown rice

16 oz sweet brown rice (or sushi white rice helps bind the dough)

12 oz tapioca starch (prebiotic that is already ground)

Bag and store it in the freezer to protect the oils natural to the grains. Ordinarily, cup for cup of gluten-free flour will substitute for wheat flour in any recipe, but use a bit less gluten-free flour at first, then adjust based upon appearance when adding liquids. Add more or less to achieve a bread dough consistency.

Dr. Lorna adds ¼ – ½ tsp Glucomannan per cup of the above flour mixture when making pancakes, muffins or cake; glucomannan also is a prebiotic. DO NOT ADD GLUCOMANNAN to the flour mixture until you are mixing your dough or batter, as glucomannan absorbs moisture from the air. You may also substitute sorghum or teff instead of millet.


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