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There are a lot of health stores and MegaMarts that carry vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements, but few have the staff knowledgeable to understand exactly what YOU need to become well. FIGTree Vitamins has been partnering with the FIGTree LIVE Show and to bring you the products and regimens we recommend most often for YOU to GET HEALTHY! Not sure what you need? Why not call the Show (Saturdays Noon – 1PM Central, and Thursdays and Fridays (1-1:30PM Central) ~ Call FREE 855-844-2006 and get the help you and your family need. Let’s discuss  your health history, medications and other information you wish to share that will help DocJon, Vicki, Dr. Lorna, Dr. Helen and other professionals suggest what might help you most?! 

Whether you want to combine natural and modern medicine ideas or want to become healthy entirely naturally, our team can help you toward the healthiest person you can become. Between Gary’s and Val’s commitment to carrying only the best products, and the knowledge of the professionals on the FIGTree LIVE Show and at, you can be sure that the quality help and products you receive is unsurpassed in the natural health industry!

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FIGTree Vitamins was created by a group of us, after being approached by our long-time friends, Gary Croteau, a former National Hockey League player and natural health advocate, and Val Young. Through much prayer and contemplation, a clean line of  natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements, created through, and inspired by, Our Lord’s guidance, FIGTree Vitamins was born.  F-I-G = Faith In God; Tree = Tree of Life. FIGTree Vitamins to help you get healthy, naturally!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. ~ Romans 8:28

Gary and Val went to great lengths to insure that FIGTree supplements are of exceptional quality, specifically formulated for FIGTree Vitamins by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the natural products industry.

Gary personally operates and ships for FIGTree Vitamins and currently has dozens of separate items ready to ship, plus Packages created with the help of all of the professionals on the FIGTree LIVE Show to address whatever health issues you have. When needed, Gary and Val also incorporate specific high-end products of non-FIGTreeVitamins products, from only the best companies, such as Source Naturals and North American Herb & Spice. With YOUR help, FIGTree will continue to grow! Thank you and may God Bless You.

Whether or not you are able to use any of the suggestions above depends upon your health history, medications taken, surgeries and therapies, etc. sells no products; however, all members and listeners may purchase products at great discounted pricing from participating vendors!

If you have not already done so, please Register for a FREE MEMBERSHIP today;  have full access to articles in the Reference Center, read and post in the Live Chat Forum, answer questions and get suggestions from our experts ~ let’s work toward natural health together!

Better yet, why not call the FIGTree Live Show when we are LIVE? Wednesday – Friday 2-2:30PM Eastern/11-11:30am Pacific, AND on Saturdays 1-2PM Eastern/10-11am Pacific – the toll-free telephone number is 844-855-2006 and Dee will answer your call, put you on hold (you will be able to hear the show while on hold) then the professionals on the  FIGTree LIVE Show will ask questions and help you to incorporate natural healthy ideas into your daily regimen so you can get well. PLUS, when you call the show, you will receive THREE MONTHS FREE private, personalized email help anytime you need us, PLUS 15% off AND FREE SHIPPING when shopping at the FIGTREE VITAMINS STORE. We will give you your own coupon code to use during checkout, during your three months free period! All Members, as well as FIGTree LIVE listeners receive MEMBER DISCOUNTS from Participating Discount Vendors, such as, RenewLife, Dr. Helen and more (follow the links and learn how!)

Why not post your questions in the Live Chat Forum, under HEALTH CHAT, or call and speak with the health professionals on the FIGTree LIVE Show, Wednesdays – Fridays (2-2:30PM Eastern / 11-11:30am Pacific) and Saturdays (1-2PM Eastern /10-11am Pacific)?

All statements are the opinion of staff at and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All ideas provided are given based upon information provided, including all health experiences, therapies, surgeries, medications taken, etc., in the past, present or foreseeable future. John, Vicki, other staff, and anyone directly associated with the website,, are not responsible for negative or harmful side-effects you may experience as a result of ideas shared. No other company, person or entity is associated with, John, Vicki or any staff member; nor is there any association, obligation or interest between and sponsors, discount participants or advertisers, implied or otherwise, as having any association or agreement with views and opinions provided on Prescription drugs have the potential for harmful side-effects, which may also be influenced by using nutritional supplements; please consult with your Medical Doctor and Pharmacist before using supplements of any kind. Only your Medical Doctor and Pharmacist are acquainted with your health issues and are able to diagnose your specific healthcare requirements. No one at is trained to diagnose and you should never self-diagnose in lieu of proper medical care and advice. Please avail yourself of all diagnostic testing available to you. Statements made may not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you are exhibiting symptoms or have a health concern, we encourage you to contact your physician immediately.

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