By Vicki June 12, 2011

Performing fasting cleanses from time to time is important for resting and cleansing various parts of the body; this practice has been common for thousands of years and is even discussed throughout the Bible! The Liver/Gallbladder Fasting Cleanse aids with dissolving gallstones and cleansing the liver and gallbladder of clay, mucus, parasites and other debris, allowing the liver, gallbladder and colon to flush, then rest from the digestive process.

This cleanse requires consuming no food or drink, other than apple juice and water for the duration of the cleanse (preferably 3 days but at least 2). Also, the person performing the cleanse should be having at least one bowel movement per day consistently before performing the fasting cleanse (if not, please use a fiber supplement that contains NO psyllium, cascara sagrada or senna, such as HERBAL BOWEL CLEANSE 2-part system (2 capsules from the a.m. bottle upon rising and 2 capsules from the PM bottle at bedtime, empty stomach); use the product links, or see all products at the FIGTREE VITAMINS STORE,  WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!


Drink 8 oz filtered apple juice * (“100% pure apple juice from U.S. grown apples; natural sediment may occur” – read labels) every hour or so, from the time you get up until you have consumed about 56-60 ounces by the time you go to bed, for three days (2 if you cannot tolerate 3). If you do not consume the full amount, there will not be enough malic acid to dissolve stones, mucus, etc., so if you cannot commit to the full amount every day of the Liver / Gallbladder Fasting Cleanse, you may need to extend the number of days you continue the cleanse by 2-3 days more, OR please do not follow this fasting cleanse.Martinelli’s Apple Juice is widely available and contains 5 types of apples, including the Granny Smith apple, plus it is clear/filtered with no pulp, which is important for the purposes of this fasting cleanse. If you juice your own*, Granny Smith apples are best (the more tart the apples used, the more malic acid content to breakdown stones) but you must remove all fiber and pulp. Remember, the purpose of this fasting cleanse is to allow all organs to rest, not digest pulp or other solids. Drink water as desired.Just before bedtime of the third day (2nd day if you could not make it three days), add 4 oz fresh olive oil to warm apple juice, stir well and drink (may use 8 oz olive oil if you tend toward constipation but it may create a greater urgency during the night or next morning to have a bowel movement). It is best to lay on your right side with right knee up for about 30 minutes to deliver oil to the gallbladder.Early the next morning, the body should expel a greenish clay-type looking matter of old bile and debris, commonly referred to as gallstones. This is caused by the malic acid in the apple juice dissolving the deposits in the liver and gallbladder; the olive oil lubricates and flushes the deposits out of the system. You may even see parasites, black mucus and other debris. YAY! That is what you want to see because…who needs that inside?!Eat a light breakfast and resume a normal lunch and dinner (this is a great opportunity to adopt the Anti-fungal Diet and to spend your fasting days getting rid of all the junk and processed foods in the house, then restocking with only good, God-given foods!).Diabetics, those undergoing or who just completed chemotherapy or others who are weakened should substitute freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice mixed in water or unsweetened cranberry juice to replace apple juice.Those without gallbladders also need to complete a liver detoxification fasting cleanse. This may be performed after completing Hanna Kroeger’s Liver/Gallbladder Fasting Cleanse OR may be performed a week or so later.HANNA KROEGER’S LIVER CLEANSE (for those without Gallbladders): For two days, consume nothing but stewed tomatoes and drink tomato juice and water.At the end of the second day, add to the last glass of tomato juice – 4 ounces fresh olive oil and 3 ounces whipping cream. Mix well, consume. Early in the morning, nature will call. Eat a light breakfast and resume a normal lunch and dinner (this is a great opportunity to adopt the ANTI-FUNGAL FOOD CHOICES List / Diet and spend your fasting days getting rid of all the junk and processed foods in the house, then restocking with only good, God-given foods!).No one should perform these cleanses without the guidance of their doctor; also Diabetics should keep track of blood sugar monitoring. Do not perform this fasting cleanse without consulting with your physician to determine whether or not this is right for your specific needs.By the way, did you know that the polyphenols in Granny Smith apples help to dissolve plaque build-up in your veins and arteries? They work more slowly than PSOEs but not everyone can take PSOEs but anyone can eat apples! An apple a day really DOES keep the doctor away!

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* If you juice your own apples, please use ONLY a pulverizing or masticating juicer (completely separates all fiber and pulp from the juice). You will need about 36 apples per day; at least half should be Granny Smith Apples per day, but size matters, so keep extras around! Be sure to leave the skin on to derive the vitamins and antioxidants from the skin during the pressing of the apples. Here is an example of a pulverizing or masticating juicer:

8000 Series Omega Masticating Juicer/Nutrition Center

For those who wish to lose weight, following the Hanna Kroeger Liver/Gallbladder Fasting Cleanse with our RAW CLEANSE is a great way to start your weight loss regimen!





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