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A group of us created the FIGTree LIVE Show and this website through the Grace of Our Father in Heaven, as He inspired us to help all come to Him through natural health and diet through Bible principles. You CAN become healthy again through Him. is an integrative website; we provide traditional, natural methods of health information that compliment modern-day medicine or that may be used as an alternative to allopathic measures; for which there is a proven track record of safety and effectiveness. After all, it is your body and only you and He can work to make it healthy.

Through, our expert professionals share natural, healthy information to compliment your specific needs, as well as share articles to help with your healthcare decisions and much more. We believe that a healthy body, mind and soul make for a life worth living well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Listen to Our Radio Show

I love your show and learn so much every time I listen. Where can I get the links for listening to the show live and for listening to replays. How do I call the show?

Click this link to find out more! 

Why are Dogs and Cats So Sick?

Sometimes, you get people asking about dogs and cats and why they are so sick here in the U.S. Could you send me a link to more info?

Click this link to find out!

What About PSOEs? How Can They Help Me?

It is interesting all the things you say about PSOEs, from dissolving plaque to getting rid of all inflammation everywhere in the body. What are they and how can they help?

Click this Link to Find Out More!

Find Out Why Soy is Making Us Sick

It seems like you are always saying don't eat soy and that it is making America unhealthy. Why?

Click Here to Learn More!

What Others Are Saying

Thank you so much for all your help. I'm so glad you are on the air 6 days a week now!!! What a blessing!

Leeza - San Antonio, TX

I faithfully followed your suggestions about osteoporosis with overwhelming success, and to the amazement of my doctor. Eternal gratitude.

Mary - Los Angeles, CA

The regimen and diet changes you recommended for my inflamed prostate took care of ALL of my problems. Thanks for everything!

Donald - Denver, CO

You saved our dog, Bitzy, from being put down. Thanks you your recommendations, she no longer has hot spots, nor does she chew her paws raw. You were right on! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pamela - Pace, FL

I am so grateful to all the doctors and everyone at the Figtree Live Show for helping me to become well again after years of surgery, chemo therapy and prescription drug use; I have never been so healthy in my life, Praise Our Lord for bringing me to them! People should call the show! It's the first step to becoming healthy again.

Bev S , AL

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